Overcoming hardships and failure

by - May 28, 2016

We are human, we are imperfect, we make mistakes. All of us have experienced felt incompetent or incapable to achieving something. I always learning and never stop to learning from school of life. Over years, I've through and learned from school of life, that we want to change to be a better person than yesterday.

Let's turn back on 2008 - 2011

I was a high school student in Jakarta. My life was so-so, nothing special from myself. I was known myself as shy, not outstanding person. That time I felt I don't have any idea about my future. Until on 2011, I graduated from high school and my parent they decided me to sent me to Guangzhou to continue my study. My reaction was shocked, disappointed, confused.

Upon arrival at Guangzhou. I were surprised by their not-so-know-well their peoples, culture, custom, foods, environment and the most I hate is language.

I studied with international students and taught everything in English (and Mandarin), but most of locals can't speak English, they speak Mandarin and Cantonese which for me is difficult to understanding. I live in Guangzhou and daily conversation is using Mandarin. My biggest problem was language barrier. I had worst experienced just because I can't speak Mandarin, some people cheated me when I bought something or locals they laughed me just because the way I spoke Mandarin is sounds funny for them.

I slowly can speak Mandarin well and adapt with a life in Guangzhou.

There was time, I forced to facing new challenges that I never expected, I was required to did it better (according the requirements) but the result is not happened according the requirements. So what happened to me? The people are criticized me without pay attention to factor X and instead of consider what I had gave my best. I felt it's tremendous hurt for me. Without appreciating what I had done. I said thanks for your advice. I promised to myself I will do it better, and don't mind them.

I learned new lessons: always try to appreciate people, no matter how worse their efforts and results, especially those who always appreciate us.

Since then I changed and pushed myself to be fearless, dare to facing new challenges, to go out from my comfy zone. I gratitude for the hard times I had experienced. When I remember that gloomy day, I just smile and it could be another story to be shared. Hardships is similar to catalyst to process, body needs catalyst to proceed something.

Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process. Change is a process not an event. We can graduate from the best universities but we never graduate from school of life. Remain persevere on process.

Everything is happened because for reasons which we don't know. Why it happened to us? Why it should be me? and countless why questions is crossed our minds.

Never be afraid to try and your never know your biggest potential, if you never try.

Through hardships you are not only learned to growing, but you learned who your true friends. We need people around us to help us to get through our process. I might nothing but someday I will be something. I might have less friends, but I'm glad that I found the real ones. 

Always be confidence, perseverance, faithful, fearless, and believe I can do it is the most powerful tools to facing new challenges. Never give up and never say I can't do it, I'm not incompetent. Ignore negative comments about you. Always surround yourself with people who will help you accelerate to flourish.

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