Reminiscing Saturday

by - May 23, 2016

Who doesn't excited to say hi to weekend? Saturday is my favorite day. I am always looking forward this day to take rest from hectic days. Mostly what I do on weekend is relax, read books, the most important for me is having a quality time with my family, friends, my beloved. I may have less friend, unlike most people. But it's not important how you spend your time, with who, and so on. For me it's important on the meaningful day for me to appreciate fruitful conversation, quality time and strengthen our relationship with those who always there for us.

I mostly spend my time with my favorite people by having a tasty lunch with warm atmosphere, with adding a deep discussion talk. Or I walk around and enjoying the nature, inhale positivity and exhale negativity. You don't need to spend your quality time by spend a lot of money by go to expensive restaurant or throwing party. You can cook a simple and nice lunch and eat it with your favorite people. Always remember people who always stuck around you, don't forget to spare your precious time to them. 

Anyway, I miss this day and it reminded me to always spend your time with your favorite people.

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