Skincare routine: for acne prone and sensitive skin

by - June 30, 2016

We are same but born with different features such as physical characteristics and personality.  Like everyone has different kind of skin type, but I born with acne prone and sensitive skins.  It’s super-duper burden for me. Sometimes my skin is very “choosy”.Especially Guangzhou's weather is really unstable. Here I share some might useful tips for you.

Sign you have sensitive skin: stinging, burning, redness, tightness, tendency to have rosy cheeks (rosacea).

Adjust your skincare and make up
Remember those are made from chemical ingredients, those may contains harmful ingredients such as: parabens, propyl glycol, sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate, mineral oil, fragrance. Choose your best cosmetics and suitable for your skin. Expensive cosmetics is not always the best, or you can just make natural cosmetics, which is cheaper and safer for your skin. If you have sensitive skin don't often use cosmetics.

Stay healthy
Healthy skin defines our healthy body. Health is big factor in how your skin looks.  Say yes to fruits and greens, drink a plenty of water, consume less snacks, cans food, and sugar.

Always listen to your skin 
If you live in certain place with unstable weather, it can affect your skin. You might to adjust your routine depends on the needs.

  • Never be lazy to clean your beauty tool. Bacteria love your dirty makeup brushes or sponges. This action can prevent your skin from breakout and bacteria. 
  • Don't often touch your skin
  • Often change your bed sheet and pillow sheet.
  • Avoid Scrubs.
  • Use loose powder instead of compact powder.
  • Stay clean, stay clean and stay clean.
  • Avoid products with: antibacterial, alcohol, retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Suitable products: a few ingredients which means less harmful ingredients, little or no fragrance and preservative color.
My daily routine (notes: I don't use these everyday):

  1. Olive oil: for make up remover, multi purpose.
  2. EOS lipbalm: I never like dry lips, lipbalm is a must have item.
  3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash.
  4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: for acne treatment.
  5. Marcks Beauty Powder: loose powder contains less chemical ingredients.
  6. Maybelline Pure Mineral Loose Powder: mineral powder is friendly for my skin. 

Do you have any advice for sensitive skin routine and tips?


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