Summer Beauty Essentials

by - July 15, 2016

Summer is here! Scorching sun, clear sky, watermelon, beach, fun day, warm weather is around us. Summer is my favorite season, unlike winter I need to wear a thousand of layers to keep warm. Summer is about to lighten your beauty routine, reduce makeup by skip your foundation, BB or CC cream. For oily skin use loose powder. Stay hydrated and moisturizing your skin. Don't forget protect your lips by using Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 or Burt's Bees Sun Protecting lip balm.

Here's are my beauty favorites to keep me fresh and shield my skin from heat of the sun. 

1. H&M Sunnies: protect my precious eyes from the scorching sun.
2. Innisfree Eco Safety Daily Sunblock SPF 35 PA++: my skin is prone to sunburns, this water based sunblock is friendly for oily, combination skin, contained with sunflower oil and green tea. Good use as base foundation/BB/CC cream.
3. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion: long lasting, sweat proof cushion is very important item for summer, I don't like wear a thick layer of makeup and retouch it during summer, love ya!
4. Victoria's Secret Angel Gold body mist: sweet and fresh smells to freshen up my body. 
5. Eau Thermale Avene: to calm down my skin because the heat or blazing sun. 
6. Book: I always carry book everywhere #bookworm

What's your beauty essentials for summer?


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