Line Friends Store & Cafe Guangzhou

by - August 29, 2016

Line Friends Store & Cafe just opened the first and flagship store in Guangzhou. They had grand opening store when I went there. The store it's bigger than in Hong Kong. I recommend you guys to visit the store if you are planning to travel to Guangzhou or those who resides in Guangzhou. Because it's they had grand opening store, it was very crowded, even I can't take pic with the biggest Brown, you had to queue to take picture with jumbo Brown. Everything inside is super uber cute hehehe. I can't resist with cute things lol. I try to get opportunity to take photos without missing each corner lol. I feel regret because I can't capture all of inside the store. The store they sell various items like t-shirts, food, plush, everything. 

at least I got chances to took photos with Choco, Brown's little sister.

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