Reasons why you can't achieve your dreams

by - November 24, 2016

What would you do if you can’t achieve your dreams?
Should I follow my dreams or being realistic?
Is my dream not suitable for me or am I being too unrealistic?
Should I give up?

When I was a child, my first dream is being a pianist. I always dream I become a famous pianist, having a concert in front of people. Compose my song like Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and Yiruma (they are my favorite pianist). But when I grew up I realize I can’t achieve my dream of being pianist, so I stop chase my dream

If you have dream, don’t follow it. Chase it!

High School almost finished. I have to choose what major I should study. I first choose law and graphic design. But I realize it’s not the best choice for me. I have always been wanting to study abroad. Yes, study abroad in Australia. I don’t want to continue my studies in Indonesia anymore. I want to find something different, breathes new air, and something’s that missing from me. My parents won’t allow me to study in Australia. They want me to study in China, hope that I and my brother learn and understand Mandarin. I disappointed. The reality is messed up my dreams.

Why reality keeps mess my life?

I slowly can accept it. I hope that it’s best for me and try to see from the positive sides. I understand and I agree with that. As Chinese Decent, I found a lot of Chinese, they can’t understand nor speak Mandarin.

Fate doesn’t care with your plans

Mandarin is as important as English (Mandarin is #1 most spoken language). I see the circumstances, a lot of people speak Mandarin. If you understand Mandarin well it’s big advantage for you. 5 years my studies in China. I’ve been through up and down. I graduated and well that good thing for me I can speak Mandarin and understand a little Cantonese (Guangdong’s accent).

Happiness is depends on us, not depends how many things we have now

I learned, sometimes things that we want never come into our life. Perhaps it’s not our fate. People tend to forget that the achievement of goals will make them happy or completes their life. I always believe they are always better things than we can imagine. Life is full of surprises. Never fail to surprise me. Never fail to amaze me.

People set them unrealistic goals and end up with disappointment and depression

Move on, don’t let disappoint keep haunts you. There still a lot of chances. We still have another tomorrow that waiting for us. I still looking for the next day to achieve my unaccomplished dreams.

Good luck! Keep chasing happily your dreams.

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  1. Beautifully said, Maria - we need to keep chasing our dreams! <3

    Sabina | I've Got Sunshine

  2. What a great post and a wonderful reminder to keep persevering and chasing my dreams. Thanks for sharing! xo, sharon