5 Favorite Sunday Brunch Menu

by - December 07, 2016

I’m type of person who dislikes wake up early, lol. It depends on my mood if I want to wake up early or cook tasty breakfast. Whenever and wherever I am, I have tons of excuses I don’t have time to cook and prepare for breakfast, lol. I admitted I hate canteen food (canteen don't serve the best food, lol) and if I want to order foods from outside, most of the restaurants haven’t opened yet. I also don’t want to skip my meal (I skipped breakfast, but I still want to eat, called it brunch). As a student, I don’t want to depend my life on instant noodles with boiled/fried egg. Eat often instant noodles is not good for my body. I can’t bear my big hunger wait to ‘till the class over to have lunch. So here’s my recommendations. It's cheap, easy and quick to do by a lazy person.

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips from Fish & Co. A simple and crispy British origin dish. The main ingredients are fish fillets, potatoes, flour, salt, black pepper, eggs, mayonnaise and lemon. I haven't try to cook this menu, it seems easy to do.

I never run of stocks a box of pasta. Very easy to cook and easy to varied. All you need is boil pasta for few minutes. Add tomato sauce, cheese, oregano, and tomato. Voila!

Full Breakfast
It's full breakfast made of beans, fried eggs, toast bread, tomato. Dormade students. It's more than enough for made me full from morning until night (I skipped my lunch, snacks).

Spicy and sweet and savory Korean rice cakes. A pack of rice cakes enough for one day meals (lunch & dinner). I never forget to put mozzarella cheese. 

Rice Noodle Roll (Chang Fen)
Cantonese dish often served in the morning for breakfast, snack or variety of dim sum. The thin roll made from rice flour, eggs, pork, beef, shrimp, vegetables and dipped in soy sauce.

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