Foshan Trip

by - December 16, 2016

The hometown of where martial arts were born. A place of a heritage of Cantonese culture located in the center of Guangdong province. We went Foshan from Guangzhou by took Metro which took around 1 hour. I was amazed at “Buddha Hills” everything I saw with my naked eyes. The places we visited are Foshan Ancestral Temple (佛山祖庙) and Foshan Lingnan Tiandi (佛山岭南天地). 

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi is the place that blends of traditional architecture and modern elements without losing the unique characteristics. There's a lot of various cafes, restaurants, office buildings, tourism, entertainments as well as historical heritage values (Cantonese opera, martial arts, pottery). Wherever I am, it feels I entering the place with different times, old and modern. I strongly recommend to visiting this place.

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