A Moment to Remember

by - January 13, 2017

Blueish sky greetings have surfaced. I decided went to the city by myself and try to enjoy my footsteps wherever I stepped without unclear destination.  I can hear people’s footsteps wherever they go. I tried to enjoy my solitary moments. I haven’t felt so excited before. I recharged my energy while the sun tries to kiss me through my sunglasses.  I was so sick, almost dying without enough remaining energy to study, socialize and explore. I tried hard to give all of my very best to survive in the uncertain era. I spent my five years as a student abroad.

I should be like this... or I should have this... and I could this…. The harshness of our society live gave me tiredness and a number of serious issues. I tried to stay away from society, where people keep judging and looking down me continuously. When I looking back to this moments, I said to myself, it’s okay, it’s just gloomy past, and it’s gone. I smiled. I keep living my present. The past is a process, it strengthen us and keeps us grateful. 

A glimpse of my perspective reveals walking, breathing, exploring and restoring has brought me to another chapter.

I stopped my footsteps and found a mild place. I was breathing new air while hoping this moment last longer. I realize myself wishing blueish sky keeps appearing without cloudy and rain. 

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