Beauty Detox Rules

by - April 03, 2017

Eat and food. Truly my biggest concern. I always picky when it comes food. Because it’s not the taste nor the price, most important are the quality food. The best quality food isn’t always expensive and hard to find. What I mean ‘the quality’ is the characters of food that define how the food is acceptable to eat. I emphasize the quality is the freshness of food, no additional substances, and preservatives. 

Back to the old days, I struggled with acne and some health issues. I was far completely different with myself now. 

Most of the people said I’m lucky. Thin by genetically. It’s true. It doesn’t mean I can’t gain weight. The first time I came to China, I don’t like Chinese food because it’s too oily, too much rice. I clearly remember my very first semester in China I gained 7 kg. That’s too much. As soon as I came back to my home, my fat melts away miraculously. The secret is my mama or homemade foods.

There’s nothing better than homemade foods.  I found that homemade foods always better than outside dishes. Healthy and cheaper for homemade foods. 

“You are what you eat”

I had done a lot of research on many resources and find the relation between food and health. Back to days, I had suffered worse acne and some health problems. Even though I’m rare eat in the outside. I can’t skip a day without ‘daily snacking’. I used to be bought a lot of bags of chips, processed foods, canned foods, supermarket juices, sugary things. Had suffered worst acnes really opened widely my eyes and my mind that I need to pay attention carefully to more selective what I eat.

“Quality always over quantity”

Which one do you choose? One kilos fruits or one potato chips? I choose one kilos vegetables. Weighs same as one kilogram but the quality is not. Vegetables packed with vitamins, fibers, and minerals. But hamburgers is made from bread and meats. 

“You only need to eat right”

When you know to eat right, no need to eat less. I stick to a principle: never let yourself get hungry. 

“Never skip a bowl of fresh fruits” 

Ensuring my daily nutrition is complete with fruits. I love fruits and couldn’t live without it. Fruits are truly nature’s marvelous gift and life enhancing medicine, snacks, or desserts to humankind. I observed many people and friends of mine rarely eat fruits.  Fruits have many good benefits such as contain vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, low in calories and fats. My advice: never skip a day without fruits. 

“Eat your food as medicine, don’t eat medicine as your food”

People want to maintain their body and health but always look medicine and supplements in their cabinet. They tend to forget that mother of nature already provided our needs. 101% natural and fresh from our earth. 

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